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the retreat laser clinic sheffield

The Retreat Laser Clinic

Offering everything from deep tissue massage to top end anti ageing facials the Retreat has it all.

10 years as a qualified Laser therapist and 20 years doing massage, and not forgetting skincare, I have a lot of experience delivering exactly what the clients need.

the retreat laser clinic steelyard kelham

The Cynosure Elite+ is a medical grade laser which is fabulous at getting great results for laser hair removal on all areas and removing broken veins from the face and legs.

The GeneO 4in1 Superfacial combines Exfoliation, Oxygenation, Radio Frequency and Ultrasound which is amazing to lift plump and tighten the skin, giving that ‘Red Carpet’ Glow!

Using AlumierMD and Dibi Milano skincare products, which cannot be bought in shops or online because they contain active ingredients, facials and peels have a real benefits where you see a change in your skin health.

My state of the art skin scanner is in clinic ready to uncover what your skin needs, and how we can help you be your best you! 

And also ‘SkinGym@theRetreat’ is a monthly subscription for you to have a bespoke facial every 6 weeks. Your opportunity to lay back and relax while I make your skin work hard to get the desired results!

Consultations are free so contact clinic to see what I can do for you 

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